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Patches & Awards

There are many ways to show Loyalty, Respect, and Brotherhood for the club.

Here are some of the awards and patches given to some of our most established members... Patches are awarded by the President or Vice President ONLY! Simply owning a picture doesn't mean you earned it unless specifically awarded to you. Only then can you claim name to said award.

-------[Awards and Title Patches]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The 20%er- Given to the original 20 members of SOC-MC (20%)

Loyalty Badge- Earned by putting oneself in the line of fire for an officer. (Loy.)
King patch- Earned for outstanding attendance. (King)
Respect patch- Resilient skill under pressure and duress. Always coming through on your word, orders, and actions, even through the worst circumstances. (Res.)
Dealer of Death patch- Achieving an average 5:1 kill/death ratio on TDM or DM. (avg over a 5 game span, auto or free-aim, gang war) (D.o.D.)
The One Percenter patch. - Given to new members as a sign of trust and induction into the club. We are all 1%ers! (1%r)
Brotherhood patch. Awarded after 2 months of membership. (B.H.)

Red Rags patch. Earned for wearing some red to support the club (R.R.)

--------[Unit Patches]---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Enforcer Unit patch. Awarded to our most skilled of ground forces. (E.U.)
Air Unit patch. Awarded to Pilots, Snipers and Marksmen for participation in airborne defense and operations. (A.U.)